Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy birthday Aastha

Happy Birthday

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life changes us or we change our life

This line seems quite simple but the meaning is really confusing. As the line is including two phrases Life changes us or we change the life, ultimately, it means who is responsible for those things which are occurring in our life. In my point of view we are responsible for every thing which happens in our life because only human has the power of thinking, by using this thinking power we do everything whatever we want, either right or wrong. For our right decision we say we did this fantastic work and for wrong, “oh God why are you doing this in my life, give all the happiness of life’’. Before reading further just close your eyes for few seconds. I am sure that most of you must be thinking about your dreams of your life about your pending work, about past and many more about you ultimately I would like to say you thought about yourself only! 1. What you should have thought? About those people who ever helped you, and did you say thanks for them. 2. And what did you wrong for others? If you will think about it then you will get answer. Just try to scare love and happiness then everything will be right in your life. Once try it for 15 day and reply me I am sure your life will be moving to more happiness……..

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Friday, April 30, 2010

Think about hte country

Indian society is being very corrupt drastically, people are facing so much problems. Our leaders are not playing
their role very well, because of them the comman man is struggling from unemployment, terrorism, corruption etc.
Our government is exporting our foods to other countries even we in short ness of those foods, government is not
holding any control on any problem of our country, after that our leaders are shoeing their greatness in front of
public, Unity is crushing upon the foots of our leader, they are really not trying to develop the country but they are only
full filling their own pockets. Therefore corruption has became a big problem for India, because of this many people
are not getting food, cloth, house.But Our corrupt leaders are living very rich class life from the money of conman
man. So this is the time to change something in India and let people awake about these problem if we will awake
then the country will awake So don't waste the time now and think about INDIA Start fighting against India's
problems, if you want to change something just awake make unity and do something because at this

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